MAY 2018 EVENTS! Whoa Campaign and the rescheduled Spring Fling!

With the arrival of students to Highland Park Elementary #5
(yet to be named), we have a lot of new foot and bike traffic
in our neighborhood. Please help us alert drivers to students
on our sidewalks and crosswalks by displaying
the WHOA! yard signs around all of Caruth Hills
May 18-31, 2018.
We have an even greater need to be particularly aware of
the young children on our streets. 
Would you like a sign for the first time,
additional signs, or a replacement sign?
Or do you need to report the loss of a sign or request a removal?

Please email
with any questions or requests you may have.
Include your address and phone number, please!

Thank you for supporting safe driving
in our neighborhood!

For more info on our Spring Fling, check out this post!